“Gaudet’s voice sounds like indie gold, the sort of baritone that calls niche famous acts like Rainbow Kitten Surprise or Orville Peck to mind. Luckily, what that voice is saying glitters just as bright: Song craft that’ll make your toes tap with its relentless rhythm," - The Coast

“OTHER WORLDLY," - Atlantic Axes


The debut album is now available on all streaming platforms.

Callum Gaudet sings loud Americana using the raw electric guitar sounds of where he is based, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hitchhiking and travelling internationally left Gaudet with one sound in mind, the sound of stories. He recognized that stories connect individuals from various walks of life, and that connection, be it brief or lifelong, leaves a powerful imprint on the minds of people. With lyrics that evoke a raconteur, Callum Gaudet's writing stands on the edge of folksong, short story, and loud vintage tube amps. His debut album "Ghosts" was released in January of 2024.